Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Why I Still Go To Preemie Parent Meetings

Ever since Julianna was 2 months old, I have been going to the monthly meetings for parents of preemies at the NICU she was in. Sometimes, the topics aren't really relevant to me, but I go anyway (partially because it's its one of my few nights out alone!). Tonight's speakers were the two OT's that Julianna saw, Mary was her OT while in the NICU and Stacy was her OT for 9 months once she was home.

After the meeting, I spent quite awhile talking with Stacy about Julianna and then about Will. She was so excited to hear how well Julianna is doing, but said she was disappointed Julianna didn't get PT intervention sooner than she has (she has yet to have a PT session since qualifying over a month ago). She also gave me several things we can do with Will, since he isn't allowed tummy time, to help with his development. She also told me that I can get Will into the "Yes, You Can" program for therapy, which means he could possibly see Stacy for his OT once he's cleared for it. That would be great, because we already know her and loved having her work with Julianna.

She and Mary are also talking to the social worker in the NICU about some other programs Will might qualify for to help with getting him therapy and other things. I was surprised that the social worker at AC's never mentioned it to us, so either she knew Will wouldn't qualify so why bother with it, or with everything going on it was just "missed". Either way, I am willing to do whatever I need to to get him all the help he needs.

This isn't the first time I've gone to a PPC meeting and come away with some important information. Last spring, the director of Julianna's early intervention school spoke and that's how I found out Julianna qualified to go there and should have been since she came home from the hospital. Because the meetings have people that have had preemies and dealt with medical issues, they can also be filled with really useful information.

Leaving the meeting tonight with all the information I did, that could help my non-preemie kid, is the reason I still go to the preemie parent meetings.

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  1. Glad you recieved some useful information and got to speak to some of Julianna's old OTs!!


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