Whatever Wednesdays

"Whatever Wednesdays" came about because a few friends and I wanted to start our very own weekly blog hop.  We couldn't decide on just one thing to write or take pictures of every week, we wanted to do whatever we felt like that week.  But we still needed to have some type of unity, so each week one of us will pick whatever topic we want & all of us use the same topic.

Want to join in on the "Whatever Wednesdays" fun? 
Well here's the nitty gritty on how to do that. 

Every week on Wednesday, I'll do, along with Danielle & Mallory, a "Whatever Wednesday" post. Check out what topic we're posting about that week & write your own post on the same topic.  Add the WW button to your post (found below).  Then come back to my "Whatever Wednesday" post (or any of the hosting blogs' posts) and add yourself to the linky tool.

How do you add yourself to the list?

To add yourself to the linky, click to enter, then type in your name, and the URL that directs us to your "Whatever Wednesday" post, and presto! **Please make sure you link us to your actual "Whatever Wednesday" post, not to your main blog page.  This way everyone can find it easily.  (To get the URL of your post: After you create your post, click on the title of your post to get the URL address of that post. It will be in a bar on the top of your screen)

If you want to add the linky to your post also, simply click "Get the Code".  It will give you the code & directions for adding the linky to your post.  Thanks!

Don't forget to grab a "Whatever Wednesdays" button for your blog!  Thanks to Mallory of Diamonds & Pearls for designing the graphic!

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