About Me

I am Lindsay.  I am a 30-something middle school teacher turned SAHM.  I am constantly trying to improve myself as both a mom and wife, an still improve myself as an individual at the same time.  I love to do lots of different things.  I sew, take pictures of my kids & life, love to bake, hate to clean, & try to do something new whenever I can.

I married my wonderful husband, Joe, in June 2006 and we moved to SC.  Summer of 2007 we found out we were expecting & just a short 27 weeks into the pregnancy our daughter decided to make her appearance...12 weeks early...while we were visiting family in OH...640 miles from my OB...and the day before my baby shower.  During her 9.5 weeks in the NICU, we moved back to our home state of Ohio so we could be near our families. 

My daughter, Julianna, is now a lively beautiful 2 yr old.  She still has some issues related to her prematurity, but we are incredibly proud of her!

Almost 2 years to the date that we found out we were expecting our daughter, we found out we were expecting again.  What ensued was the longest 37 weeks ever.  In order to avoid this kiddo following in his sister's footsteps there were progesterone supplements, progesterone injections, bi-weekly ultrasounds starting at 16 weeks, a cerclage, multiple trips to L&D for pre-term labor, multiple infections, bed rest & so much more.  But at 36 weeks, I went in for my scheduled c-section.  During the amnio preceding my c-section we found out our little guy had a congenital heart defect. 

His birth was delayed a week to make a plan for him.  But at 37 weeks 4 days...FULL TERM...Will made his debut.  He immediately was transferred to the children's hospital in our area.  After almost 4 weeks in the hospital, a heart cath and a heart surgery, he was diagnosed with Shone's Syndrome. 

He is such a strong little boy and has been appropriately nicknamed Will the Warrior.

That's our little family. 
We are just lovin' living in our little piece of the world.