Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I know moms shouldn't compare their kids. I'm talking about comparing your own kids. But with 2 kiddos that both have had medical issues, weight, feeding and developmental issues and whose due dates were only a day apart, it's hard not to. I often find myself looking in Julianna's baby book to see what she was doing by this age.

I compare what milestones they each hit at this age (Will is behind, but since he's still not allowed tummy time, I'm not surprised). I compare how much they were eating (Julianna was a little piggy compared to Will, but he's only about an ounce a bottle behind). Julianna was sleeping all night by this age (Will is close, some nights he actually sleeps all night...wish I could).

I also compare their weight. Since Julianna was a preemie, she was often far below where she should have been on the charts. Will is also not where he should be, however he was in the 17th% as of his last appointment with Dr. M! Will's 11lbs 10oz was actually a few ounces more than Julianna at the same age. He is about 1/2 an inch longer. But looking at pictures of each of them I would never guess he weighs more than she did!

Will and Julianna at the same age (hers adjusted)...and he weighs more than she did!

I think he just looks so tiny compared to her! Once Julianna started to put on weight, she did it very quickly, so I am kind of expecting the difference in weight to start to widen. In order for Will to keep up, he has to be at least 13lbs 7oz by his appointment with Dr Awesome the end of July. I am hoping he can manage it! But he has to start eating better again!
Eat boy! Eat!


  1. I bet he will be there or close to that weight at his appointment...at his current growth pace... :o) Eric and I were talking about him tonight LOL :o)

    When I was over the other day I kept thinking of how much "bigger" his hed was than the girls...you kept saying compared to Juliannas it was small....YOU WERENT lying :o)

    You know though just like with my girls...I think his weight is distributed differently is all :o)

    Might I add...in this photo he looks the best I have seen him...whatever you are doing momma you are doing it right BC that boy keeps looking better and better!!!!

    (BTW I compare my kids to each other too...)

  2. Seriously, her head was huge! Haha! And thanks for saying he looks good, it feels good to have people say that!

  3. I try not to compare Alleigh & Kaelyn but its hard not to, esp since they are the same gender and were born on the exact same day... currently Kaelyn weighs a few ounces more and an inch shorter than Alleigh at this point... my short chunk, lol.

  4. I compare my two all the time - I think at this age, it's the best thing to go by. Mason & Anna are dead on, he's just longer. Anna rolled way earlier than he did but I don't think he's going to fall behind her on much else.



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