Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pictures of My Mean Children

I am trying so hard to get back into my daily blogging (ok, I'd be happy with every other day again), but it's just so hard to find time most days. And then the days I do have time, I often find myself at a loss for things to write about. I mean I'll start writing something and then re-read it and think "who the heck would care about this?". So I delete it and decided that having no post that day is better than the gibberish I had just typed.

Today is one of those days where I have time to write, but just don't have any interesting topics. So, instead I will just distract you from my lack of witty interesting to read posts with adorable pictures of my ADORABLE children (seriously, I just typed "chickens" instead of children and had to fix it, pretty sure pictures of chickens would not be the way to go here).

Julianna asleep during lunch while camping over the 4th.

Attempt #1 to fit his entire fist in his mouth.

He is a persistent little man!

This is what happens when you take away daily TV, and then let your daughter watch old Mickey cartoons...they are AMAZING to her. She didn't move for almost 40 minutes!


  1. I hear you on the posting. I do the same thing I will start to post and go who cares?? Your children are so adorable. Will is growing so fast and I love his blue eyes! :)

  2. beautiful kiddos!

    Melissa S

  3. Mason is obsessed with his hands too!



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