Monday, July 26, 2010

Rollin' Like a Tumbleweed

Ok, so not quite like a tumbleweed, but Will decided today would be the day he'd finally roll from his back to his belly...and I missed seeing every time he did it. I sat next to him for almost an hour while he layed on his side...but he never rolled. I went into the kitchen to get a drink and when I came back he was on his belly. He rolled over about a half dozen times and I never saw it. Maybe tomorrow I'll see it...and this time the video camera will be right there with me (that should pretty much guarantee I don't catch him doing it...ha!).

Will has a cardiology apointment tomorrow. If the remaining section of his coarc is the same or worse (as seen on the echo) then he will get scheduled for a cath. Please say a prayer tonight (or tomorrow morning) for improvement. I'm not ready for another hospital trip yet.

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