Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pizza Night

Tonight was homemade pizza night. Julianna loves to help cook, and tonight she had a blast.

Cheese on the pizza...

...cheese in the mouth.
Pepperoni on the pizza...
...pepperoni in the mouth.
Caught sneaking pizza toppings.
And what's a girl to do while the pizza is baking? Play with Mr. Potato Head parts of course! Daddy also got into the game, but I was nice and didn't post the picture of him with the bright red Mrs. Potato Head lips. Heehee!
Yummy goodness!
Will had fun too, despite not being able to enjoy the yummy pizza!

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  1. Lauryn would LOVE that....Julianna has such gorgeous eyes!!! the kids look as adorable as ever!!! We need to plan another playdate!


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