Wednesday, April 15, 2009

No More Therapy!

For awhile we weren't sure when this day would come. Julianna has just been discharged from both occupational and physical therapy! She has been seeing Stacy (her OT) since last August.

Julianna on her very 1st day of therapy.
when we took her to the NICU follow-up clinic last August, she was able to roll from her back to her belly, but that was it, and she had some issues with her muscle tone, so it was recommended that she start with OT to help her meet her developmental milestones. (I should clarify that it was for her gross motor skills. Julianna has a always had amazing fine motor skills, pointing and picking up tiny things.) Julianna was not a Stacy fan at the beginning, crying for most of the whole session each week(I even gave her Tylenol for a spell to keep her calm because she would get so worked up), but Stacy kept stretching and playing with her.

Pretty soon, Julianna was rolling both directions(Sept).
She started sitting on her own and she kept rolling...(Oct)
And sitting...(Nov)
And rolling...(Dec)
And sitting...(Jan)
We started to get concerned because she was falling farther and farther behind in her gross motor skills. Stacy suggested we start working with a PT in addition to seeing her. Then, as if Julianna heard us and just didn't want more therapy, she suddenly crawled! The end of February, Joe and I were watching TV and Julianna just took off across the floor! It was as if she had always been doing it.
Finally crawling! (March)

We continued with PT and OT for the last 2 months and now Julianna is cruising like a champ! Yesterday, the physical therapist came out to evaluate Julianna and discharged her (saying she would be surprised if she isn't walking on her own in the next week or two!). Today, Stacy came for our last visit. Julianna greeted her not with tears (as was the case for the first couple months) but with a great big smile. Stacy discharged her from OT saying she was her poster child and she was so proud of her. After 9 months of therapy, it will seem weird to not see Stacy or Tammy on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, but we will see Stacy again next January at the NICU follow-up clinic. WAY TO GO JULIANNA! We are so proud of you!

Cruising! (April)


  1. CONGRATS JULIANNA on another milestone!!!

    Hi...Yes, I remember you and your beautiful daughter and I am so glad you found me. Your baby girl is simply adorable and she seems to be doing great.

    AJ and Leah recently started OT with Stacy. AJ has horrible reflux which has actually caused some minor setbacks in gross motor skills (whoda thought)...but after only 2 sessions and mommy's diligence he is already making improvments. Leah is close to being on target so we are just working to continue progress.

    Take care and Keep in touch! Jennifer

  2. CONGRATS JULIANNA on another milestone!!

    Hi..Yes, I remember you and your beautiful daughter. She is simply adorable and seems to be doing really well...such a happy little girl!

    AJ and Leah just started OT with Stacy. AJ has reflux which has caused minor setbacks with some of his skills (who would've thought). But after only 2 sessions (and Mommy's diligence) he is improving already! Leah is close to target and is just working to continue progress.

    I am glad you found me and hopefully I will make another preemie meeting soon. Keep in touch...Jennifer

  3. That is so great that Julianna has been discharged from therapies!! She is such a cutie Lindsay. We will have to set up a play day for her and Braxton once it gets nicer out.


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