Saturday, July 24, 2010

Found It!

Since having Will, I have commented multiple times about the lack of cute boy clothing in stores. Buying clothes for Julianna was always easy, there are so many cute girl things. Everything for baby boys has puppies, and trucks, and sports all over it.

Over the past few days, my love for Etsy has been re-kindled (Erin & I had a short lived Etsy shop a few years ago). I started browsing some of the kids clothes & I found it! I found something cute for baby boys. Check out this hat...

Isn't it adorable! It's from We Choose Joy, which makes unique and environmentally friendly(fits into my goin' green phase) kid's clothes. Seriously, are these onesies not the cutest ever??

And even better, you can buy sets that include matching shoes!

I am thinking that come fall Will just might be sporting something from We Choose Joy.

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  1. Very cute indeed!! I wish I had seen these earlier BC the girls ones on that etsy ARE ADORABLE too!! He will look stunning!


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