Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Routine Maintenance

I started putting together a daily routine when Julianna was 6 months old (3 months adjusted). I had a daily routine for both her and I which included her feedings, my eating, her naps, my housework, free time for me, playtime for both of us, and much more. Well, that all went to heck in a hand basket when I went on bed rest (OK, so maybe it went south a lot earlier in the pregnancy). Will is now about the same age Julianna was when I stared a daily routine, so I have begun the process of getting back into a daily routine ad tweaking it until I find one that works for us.

Things I am trying to fit into our routine:
~Will's feedings and naps (we've started having nap times...and so far so good!)
~Daily household chores (dishes, cleaning, laundry, etc...)
~Crafts, activities & lessons for Julianna
~Time to bake, cook & make some of our own foods (salsa, jams, etc...) again
~Time to blog more frequently again
~Time for exercise (yuck)

Things I am trying to cut out of our daily life:
~TV (I got really relaxed with TV time while on bed rest, but it's easy to cut out in the summertime!)
~Wasting time (I often come to the end of my day and realized I accomplished only a fraction of what I wanted to simply because I just didn't do it)

I am getting back into a routine slowly, I don't want to deal with either kiddo having a completely breakdown over a massive change. Will's feedings and naps are the first thing I've been working on since it will determine how everything else goes. So far he has drastically improved his sleeping habits! Instead of 6 or 7 random short naps during the day, the last 2 days he has taken 3 longer naps, which makes for a lot more time to accomplish other things!

Although this is a slow process, I am hoping to have a routine in place by the end of July. Wish me luck!

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