Sunday, June 5, 2011

Visiting SC

Before we met my family for vacation, Joe & the kids and I drove down to SC to have a quick visit with friends.  We don't regret our decision to move back to Ohio, but sometimes we really miss living in South Carolina and our friends there.  We hadn't been there to visit in 2 years and that trip was less than 24 hours, so we were long over due for a visit.  Unfortunately, this one was also a quick visit (just 48 hours) and we weren't able to see all our friends.  It was a last minute decision to go since we weren't sure if we would be able to with my issues and Will's recent heart cath.  We stayed with our friends Nick & Mandy.  What's great about staying with them is they have a little girl who's 3 and their son is 7 months, so the kids had a blast playing with them! 

Our only full day there, we went to downtown Charleston (which just happened to also be my birthday).  We had lunch at the Noisy Oyster, visited the South Carolina Aquarium (Nick & Mandy have a family pass so we got in free!), and walked around downtown.  It was a FANTASTIC day for walking around!  The temp topped out at only 84 degrees and it was slightly overcast and breezy, so much nicer than the normal 90's and sunny and humid and you sweat just standing still.

Feeding the sting rays.

We very often heard "Hey Julianna" or "C'mon Taylor"...these 2 loved being together!

We let Julianna splash in the fountain at Waterfront Park.

Sadly, there was some major camera fail going on the day we were downtown.  My camera would randomly stop focusing.  I couldn't get it to work on the automatic or manual settings, so I didn't get to take a lot of the pictures I really wanted to.  I can't wait until our next visit to SC, hopefully this time it won't be so long between trips!