Monday, July 19, 2010

Computer Mayhem

My lack of posts since last Wednesday has actually not been entirely my fault. Joe was off for several days (which always means I am on the computer less), but our laptop has also decided it is finally reaching the end of its life.

I know I overworked it this past year (I may, or may not, have neglected to turned it off for ummm, the several months I was on bed rest). It's performance has slowly been deteriorating. And this weekend it decided it had had enough. On Friday, it just completely froze up. On Saturday, we got it running again, but it kept shutting down randomly. On Sunday morning, not all the keys on the keyboard worked. By last night, it was working again, so I wrote a post just catching up on what has been going on lately, and then it shut down again. ARGH!

We have *gasp* started the search for a new laptop. It's kind of sad for me, I love my computer (it was the first credit card purchase I ever made!). But I know it's time to move on. It's been a great little laptop for the last 5 years, and has put up with a lot of abuse, including toddlers spilling things on it, being dropped on the floor, and being yelled at a multitude of times.

So, before it shuts down again, I'll do a quick update on us. We finally bought all our plants for the landscaping in front of our house (ooh, exciting stuff, I know). We went to our second heart group get together. It's always nice to talk with parents of other heart babies & see how well their kids are doing. Joe & I were going to attempt a night out alone, but that didn't happen. Will is doing great. Julianna is SLOWLY potty training, but that's going to be a post all in itself!

Does anyone have any suggestions for a good (but not too pricey) laptop? I'm not an apple fan (being in education I've used them plenty & just don't like them).

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  1. I got an asus not long ago.... I hadn't even heard of that brand before I went to the store, but I LOVE it!! And it was very reasonably priced.
    - Danielle.


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