Saturday, December 17, 2011

Past Due Blog Update

So, I am way past due on updating my blog, and a lot has happened since my last post.  The amazing trial I was so excited to be part of turned out to not work for me.  2 weeks ago my scans showed small amounts of growth in my tumors, but Dr Z couldn't be sure of the growth was before or after I started the new chemo, so I was to continue with the chemo for 2 more weeks & then re-scan.

During that 2 weeks, I became very sick.  I had terrible stomach cramps that doubled me over in pain and I was constantly nauseous.  I could barely eat or drink anything.  I ended up in the ER on December 7 for the pain and for dehydration.  Dr Z decided then to have me hold my chemo meds until I came down to Texas to see him (about a week).  Once I stopped the meds, my stomach issues went away almost immediately. 

This trip my dad came down with me.  I had my scans on Thursday, and when we met with Dr Z yesterday he told me the trial was not working.  All of my current tumors have gotten larger, my lymph nodes are larger and I have some new tumors that have popped up.  So, I have dropped out of what I believed was going to be my miracle trial.  Now I am not discouraged, I still believe I will get my miracle, I just may have to wait a little while longer.

What's the plan now?  I am going to be doing a more standard chemo regimen, not a trial.  I have had 2 of the 3 drugs I am going to get before.  One is carboplatin, which I had last spring and we know has an effect on my cancer.  Dr Z's current thought is that by doing a treatment we know will have a positive effect we can improve my status and then try another trial later on, rather than try another trial now and possibly let my cancer continue to get worse if it doesn't work.  I completely agree.

One awesome thing about going with just a general chemo treatment is that I will be able to receive it in OHIO!  I will still be under Dr Z's care and will have to come back to Texas every 4 weeks or so for scans and a check-up, but will spend most of my time at HOME!  I am incredibly excited about that!

So tomorrow I say good-bye to my Houston apartment when we leave for the airport and I won't be returning to it  :o)  It has been great spending time with my dad this trip and I'm glad he was able to come.  I think it may be a battle from now on who gets to come with me...its like a mini vacation for my family members...haha!