Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ridin' the Roller Coaster

When Julianna was born we were told her NICU experience would be a roller coaster of good days and bad days for her, of emotional ups and downs for us, and a long journey that would really leave us exhausted. And, wow, it really was! I wish someone had told me to expect the same for this pregnancy.

I have my good days, where physically I feel awesome, and then I have my days where I am just a physical wreck (aka: cerclage, contractions, back aches, etc...). As you may have read from my emotional post 2 weeks ago, I have my emotional downs. But I also have my ups and they far outweigh the dips. Even on days when I fell like total crap (physically), I think holy moly, I'm 30 weeks pregnant, that is so cool. And I smile.

Whenever I get to experience a new common third trimester thing with Baby K (pleasant or unpleasant) I get excited about it. This week Baby K got the hiccups and I LOVED IT! I never got to experience hiccups with Julianna. Some days he pushes so hard into my ribs I can hardly catch my breath, but I get so happy because he's big enough to do that. My belly moves constantly now, jumping, rolling, and getting lopsided and I love to just sit and watch it. I only ever "saw" my belly move once with Julianna. Even when he decides to use my bladder (or other organs) as a pillow I don't mind. I love knowing that he is close to 4lbs now...4lbs! Julianna took forever to reach that 4 lb mark.

I love roller coasters, but I think I prefer the kind I can ride at an amusement park.


  1. I'm glad you're enjoying your third trimester, it does have some goodies (like the hiccups & movement - atleast until the end when it starts to hurt) but it also has it's downfalls. Being in the 3rd trimester this time around reminds me all over again how I felt when I had PPD. It was like the pregnancy hormones never ended. It is a roller coaster, but atleast at the end we get our babies!


  2. Lindsey That is a beautiful post. I am so excited for you!! getting to feel that stuff is such a magical time. *sniff* now I want another baby!!! I love ya girl! keep up the good work!!
    from Life and Times of a Crazy House

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Yes, your pregnancy is a huge success!! you have made it through the most precarious stages.
    Just to encourage you--My son (at 32 weeks, 6 days) was only in the NICU for 23 days, and has had no long-term developmental issues--just the issues for his gestational age: learning to suck, swallow & breathe. He was on the apnea/brady monitor until he was 4 months old, but other than that, a pretty normal baby.
    So you are very very close to a very positive outcome! :-)
    I too am experiencing the 3rd trimester woes this time: like heartburn, hip pain (sciatica), inability to sleep at night--part of it, due to being on bedrest and meds for nearly two months now.
    But I keep reminding myself that it is a huge answer to prayer that I am STILL pregnant! and I don't have a NICU baby this time around.
    I want to follow your blog and see how things turn out for you. Keep us posted!


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