Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Glass is Finally Half Full

Another week down! I am 31 weeks pregnant today! Baby K now has 3 weeks and 1 day longer in my belly than Julianna did. I am finally starting to believe that I might make it full term! I have been mentally preparing myself for a 27 week long pregnancy since I got my two pink lines in August. But with every passing day, I am more and more optimistic that Baby K may avoid the NICU. My glass is no longer half empty. So here's week 31's comparison (sorry again for the blurry picture...I suck at trying to take my own belly picture & sorry but Julianna's picture is not quite 31 weeks).

Baby K at 31 weeks

Julianna at 1 day shy of 31 weeks holding mommy & daddy's fingers (check out the little pink bow in her hair!)

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  1. I LOVE the pictures! You are looking incredible for 31 weeks!
    I love Julianna's hair (my kids are born bald!) and I love the mommy & daddy holding hands with their sweet girl. Because we lived 40 minutes from the hospital and had a 17-month-old (not allowed in the NICU), we rarely had the chance to visit our little guy together. Even when we visited as a family, we took turns going into the NICU so one of us could watch our daughter in the waiting room. So these kind of pictures really touch my heart. :-)
    Congrats on making it to (almost) 32 weeks! It's amazing, isn't it?
    It has been unreal to me, making it this far in my pregnancy, because suddenly there is a major (mental) shift from "stay inside, stay inside, stay inside!" to "Puh-leeeeze come out! These contractions are killing me!"
    But I am thankful. It will be great to have the baby in the room with me--and best of all to bring her home when I go home--and without any medications or monitors!
    You're getting so close too!!


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