Monday, February 22, 2010

Not Complaining...Just Commenting

I had sworn I would not complain about anything uncomfortable or unpleasant during my third trimester. I was so happy to have made it this far that I wouldn't complain about the things I missed out on before. But there are a few things that I would like to comment on and they just happen to suck.

My hips suck. I have bad hips anyway, and I am actually surprised it took them this long to really bother me, they started early with Julianna. It's mostly when I'm sleeping. I obviously cannot lay on my stomach (my preferred sleeping position), and when pregnant you're not supposed to sleep on your back, so that only leaves my sides (left side is optimal during pregnancy). I can fall asleep pretty easily, but 30-45 minutes into my sleep I start to get very sharp pains in my hip, so I take the 45 seconds it takes to roll, more like flip, over to my other side, then I realize I need to pee. So I get up, use the bathroom, and attempt to fall asleep on my other side. 30-45 minutes later, the same pain, flip, pee, try to fall asleep again. This is how my whole night goes. My hips suck.

Getting dizzy and light-headed sucks. I have recently started having spells of light-headedness. The first time was looking at flooring with Joe in Lowe's. I actually had to sit down just as things were starting to go really fuzzy. After about 30 seconds I was fine. It's happened in line at the grocery store, while doing dishes, and most recently at a dinner for married couples. We were at Joe's dad's church this weekend for a couples dinner, and I was burning up the whole time! I chugged bunches of water and was close to stripping off all my clothes, but we were at church and I thought that behavior might have been frowned upon. Once everything was over, we stood up to leave and I was so thankful to be getting out of the heat (none of which anyone else felt). Joe asked me if I was ok and I said I was, why? He said I was really pale, and as he said that I felt incredibly light-headed and almost lost my balance completely. It only lasted 30 seconds or so and I was fine. I'm not sure what's causing all the dizziness and almost blacking out, but it sucks.

And finally, contractions suck. And I'm not talking braxton-hicks contractions. Weeks and weeks of them suck. Enough said.

So that's not me complaining, just commenting on some of the more unpleasant things I am experiencing during this final trimester. I don't think I would give them up, I want to experience everything this trimester throws at me, but I wouldn't be upset if they were slightly less unpleasant either.


  1. I sleep on my back. My kids are fine...


  2. The hip pain is horrible. I have bad hips too and during the late 2nd trimester and the 3rd it was really bad. So I can totally understand. I also had really bad pelvic pain. I'm sorry your dealing with contractions. :( Its okay to complain I know your grateful for every discomfort but it does not make it any more fun as your dealing with it.

  3. I feel ya!!! The light headedness and such I had FAR worse with Andrew then any other pregnancy BUT tehre was even one time I was in line at Fishers and had to leave the live and practically lay in the bathroom for a good couple was AWFUL...

    I only had the blacking out problem with this one right after being discharged for pneumonia....have you had any high/low BP issues at all???

    I also agree contraction SUCK! Enough said!

    Sorry bout your hips as well :)

    At least we know now its only a could more weeks :) preferrably 4 lol :)

  4. i had lots of that light headedness and dizziness with alleigh...... not as bad this time around though. i remember one time we were at home depot and i had to sit down in the middle of an aisle because i was about to pass out.


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