Sunday, February 14, 2010

Here We Go...Again

Thanks to all my FB friends that sent me good thoughts last night! I ended up going into L&D for contractions. I wasn't super concerned because they were really sporadic (2 would be 9 minutes apart, then I wouldn't have one for 30 minutes, then 2 more would be close together, etc...), but Dr. O still wanted me to go in and get monitored. That was a little after 9pm.

Joe's sister, came to pick up Julianna & took her to her place for the night, and then I called my parents and they met me at the hospital. Joe was on shift and I didn't want him taking time off because I was so sure it wasn't going to be a major event. Plus, he was only 10 minutes from the hospital if I really needed him.

So my mom and I spent several hours in triage in L&D (my dad got a pillow and waited in the waiting room watching TV). I got an exam, a cervix check, a bunch of cultures, and sat around hooked up to the fab monitors. I think my mom was pretty excited to hear Baby K's heartbeat. I had several contractions while on the monitor, which actually made me really relieved. My mom was shocked that I was relieved to see contractions, until I explained that validated what I was feeling. I mean I still am not quite sure what contractions should feel like, and to know what I was feeling were contractions for sure, made me more confident in my decision to go to the hospital.

Anyway, I am now dilated a fingertip even with my cerclage, but there wasn't any strain on my cerclage so Dr O isn't too worried (by the way, conveniently another mom decided to deliver last night so, he was already at the hospital, which expedited things quite nicely). He said if it gets to the point where there is strain on my cerclage, then he will get worried. But as of right now, my contractions are starting to affect my cervix, so he wants to keep an eye on them.

I have a bladder infection, which is what is causing my contractions. So, I am on an antibiotic again. I also had an fFN (fetal fibronectin test). I thought I couldn't get them because of my cerclage, but Dr. O said they just don't usually do them when you have a cerclage. It was NEGATIVE! For most of you that don't know about all the crazy high-risk tests, when your fFN comes back negative you have a 97% chance that you WILL NOT go into labor within the next 2 weeks. Which means...Baby K will be at least a 33 week baby! No 31 or 32 week baby here.

I have an appointment with Dr O on Tuesday, so we'll see how things are going by then, but I am still really optimistic that I will reach my pregnancy goal!


  1. I am soooo excited!!!! I have been praying for you.

  2. :) YAY for the fFn being negative that sure is reassuring...though mine was positive a MONTH ago lol :)

    So glad Dr O was on top of things!!!

    I too have another LONG appointment on Tuedsay!!! We seem to share a lot of appt date So how often do you go now??

    Keep that handsome big headed man cooking just a tad bit longer :)


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