Tuesday, February 16, 2010

See You in 2 Weeks Or...

I had yet another OB appointment today. It's funny, but I still get excited to go to them even though I've had like a million (ok, maybe only half a million). It wasn't a big appointment, mostly because I was just in L&D on Saturday and had cultures and a cervical check then. Baby K's heart rate was fine (144bpm). My belly is measuring big...but I'm not surprised. I already know this kid has a giant head.

My sugar levels have been out of whack a few times, and Dr. O isn't happy about it. He said he still doesn't think I need insulin, but wants me to be a little more careful. This irritates me because I AM careful. Yes, I cheat every now and then, but the times my sugar has been crazy are times when I've been really good! I apparently just have some random foods that my body doesn't like...and despite having no carbs, eggs are one of them, weird. I also still haven't gained any weight in the last 2 weeks (I'm actually down 7lbs from 3 weeks ago) Dr. O wasn't really happy about that either. My argument was how am I supposed to gain weight when I have such restrictions on my carbs! And I'm supposed to eat small meals (seconds are not looked upon favorably).

My next appointment isn't for 2 weeks. Or as Dr. O put it, "See you in 2 weeks, or sooner if you have more problems". I almost laughed at that! Every time he tries to space my appointments out to a more normal schedule, I end up either in his office or in L&D with some problem before my appointment, and he remembers that. The last 2 problems between appointments were a bacterial infection bringing on early preterm labor (with my cervix softening) and a bladder infection which brought on early preterm labor (this time dilating my cervix). At my next appointment I will have an in depth ultrasound to check on Baby K. Because of my gestational diabetes, he is at risk for getting too big (ya think?) and a few other issues, so they will take a good long look at him to make sure he's doing ok.

So overall, not a fabulous appointment, but definitely not a horrible one either. I am so excited that in just 2 days I will be 32 weeks! Holy shmoly, I can count the number of weeks to my (and Dr. O's) original goal on less than one hand!! AAAHHH!!! Good thing I have been almost completely ready since 28 weeks :0)

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  1. I am never excited for my appointments... Maybe because it takes me longer to get ready than I've ever spent at an actual appointment. They are a pain in my day.

    Won't your GD kinda work in the baby's favor since he is measuring ahead & your not going full-term? I want to see U/S pics so that I know what my little guy looks like! haha.

    I wish I could have some of your excitement over pregnancy! I am sick of it & I still have two more months!



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