Sunday, February 14, 2010

Present for Daddy

Last year (when Julianna was only 13 mos old-10 adjusted) I let her paint Joe a picture for Valentine's Day. What was I thinking?? That was a mess! I wanted to do it again this year, and wow what a difference a year makes. Julianna was awesome with a paint brush. She barely had any paint on her when she was done.

I let her pick out the colors...she picked purple, green & yellow.

She had so much fun...I think she painted for almost an hour!
To make the purplish-green blob look a little better, we dipped a cookie cutter in paint and "stamped" her painting. She did pretty good!

I would really like for her and Baby K to paint pictures every year for Valentine's Day. I think her painting turned out really well, and Daddy really liked it.

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  1. Very cute! I'm too big of a neat freak to bust out the paints for Anna.



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