Thursday, February 25, 2010

...Or Sooner

Deep breaths. That's about all I can do these days, take deep breaths. So I had another unexpected trip to L&D yesterday. I didn't feel too badly, just "off" and confused about a few things. I debated whether or not to even call Dr O. because the office is closed on Wednesdays and I knew he would send me to the hospital. Sure enough, once he called me back, he sent me to L&D. So, here's how that trip went...

Got there about 5pm. First thing was to do a bazillion exams and tests. They did a few tests to make sure my water hadn't broken (at this point I don't think I'll know even if it does), including an ultrasound to check amniotic fluid levels. Those tests came back negative and my AFI was "near 10" which is normal (the ultrasound was broken, so they couldn't save exact measurements). I was checked to make sure I didn't have another bladder infection, also negative.

During all this I was hooked up to the fetal monitor and it was showing bunches of contractions and that my uterus was irritable between them. Basically that meant instead of my uterus calming down between contractions (which would make my strip look like a flat line with the contractions as hills) it was in a constant state of mini contractions (my strip was all over the place, up and down). At this point, they decided to start an IV and get admit labs just in case I would be staying.

HORRIBLE IV experience! The nurse jabbed me on the top of my left hand, filled two viles and my vein blew. So now I have a lovely black and blue bubble on my hand. She then moved onto a vein up on the inside of my elbow (the one where they usually drawn blood from). This one didn't blow, but holy cow! it really hurt. They gave me an IV with sugar in it, since I wasn't allowed to eat anything (I couldn't eat just in case things went badly and I needed my c-section). Well, this was a bad idea! My sugar shot up to 272!! That's really high! It's normally around 120 after eating. I then got switched to a regular IV, thank goodness too because I was getting all jittery from the sugar.

Once I was getting hydrated, my uterine irritability calmed down and my strip looked much more normal (flat with hills). My contractions were still pretty frequent, sometimes regular, sometimes not, and boy oh boy were some of them strong! I had the strongest contraction yet while on the monitor and I was amazed to see the spike.

I am amazingly lucky when going to L&D, Dr O was there again for another birth, so things moved along pretty quickly. Once the contractions weren't as strong, and all my tests came back negative he decided to let me come home. I don't have any specific restrictions (other than the ones I already have), but I am to relax and take it easy until my appointment on Tuesday.

Dr O knew last week at my appointment I probably wouldn't make it 2 weeks until my next one, so I know he wasn't surprised to hear from me yesterday, but I am getting kind of tired of this whole "unknown" situation. I told Melissa the other day that I wish I had a magic 8 ball that would just tell me whether things were fine or if it was something serious. I am tired of guessing, but at least so far nothing has been really severe. At the least I want to make it 2 more weeks, at the most I will be allowed to go possibly 4 more weeks. Either way I see a light at the end of the tunnel...and my light is an adorable baby boy!

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  1. First - you have like, the hardest pregnancy I could ever imagine. I don't want to sound mean but reading about all these trips to L&D make me so thankful that my body does what it does & pregnancy is a relatively 'easy' thing for me. I think you are amazing for going through all this time & time again. I would of lost my mind by now if I were you. As much work as this has been I am so happy you are still pregnant! & yes, you are very close to the light at the end of the tunnel & all this hardship will soon pay off.

    Second - I hate IV's. I think getting an IV is harder than getting an epidural. I had mine on my hand when I had Anna & I'll never let them stick me there again. Yuck!

    Hope you have a smooth couple days til Tuesday!



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