Thursday, February 18, 2010

4 Weeks Longer!!!!!!!!

Baby K has now had 4 weeks longer to gestate than his sister! I wondered if anyone was getting sick of my weekly belly pics and excited ramblings about how much further I am in this pregnancy...then I decided I didn't care! If you don't like it, you don't have to read it. Haha! I am just so excited to be so much closer to no NICU stay and no preemie complications and no adjusting of age and so many other things! I know I still have several weeks to go for Baby K to be out of the woods, but I am so happy he has stayed put this long already!

Baby K: 32 weeks 1 day

Julianna: 32 weeks 2 days (2 years ago today)

*I wish I had a better picture of Julianna to post, but somehow the CD of her hospital pictures got put in the wrong case and is currently at Joe's sister's. This one was taken with a cell phone. I hope to have it back for next week's picture!


  1. I LOVE these posts!!!I look forward to it every week. I think about you daily and pray for you as well. I am so excited you have gotten to 32 weeks. I can't wait to celebrate when you hit 33, 34, 35 etc!!!! Your belly looks beautiful as always. :D

  2. wow! A whole month! Hoping you have ANOTHER month of him in there!



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