Monday, January 11, 2010

Update on Contractions

Here's what's going on...

I am having contractions...pretty strong ones...but not regular, which is good. I have an infection, most likely from my cerclage placement, that is causing early pre-term labor...hence the contractions all weekend. I am on antibiotics to try and clear up the infection and hopefully stop the contractions. Good news is that because the contractions aren't regular they haven't affected my cervix or cerclage (if they did I would be considered in pre-term labor), so no bed rest still at this point.

They moved my 1 hour glucose test up to Thursday afternoon because if these meds don't help out by Friday, then the doctor wants to start me on Celestone, a steroid to help with Baby K's lung maturity, just in case I do end up delivering early. But I can't have Celestone until after my glucose test, not sure why.

I will have a follow-up next Tuesday to re-culture for the infection. In the mean time, I still have my same restrictions, with the addition of laying down if I have too many contractions. If the contractions haven't stopped by Thursday, or if they get worse within the next few days, then we'll move on to some more aggressive treatments.

On a side note, I LOVED the OB I saw today! It turns out he actually did my c-section when Julianna was born! He remembered me and asked how Julianna was. SO now the 3 doctors listed on my hospital paperwork from Julianna's birth all have been part of Baby K's pregnancy as well.

Things are a little to co-inky-dink for me. Almost the same due date...problems arising at almost the same time...same 3 doctors...I'll deliver at the same hospital...Baby K needs to be different and NOT follow in his sister's footsteps!


  1. How are things going? Have the contractions stopped?

  2. Rachel, I'm sadly still having quite a few contractions, and they're pretty strong still. I have another OB appointment this afternoon for my 1hr glucose test so I'm going to ask about them and hopefully have some better answers later. Thanks for the concern!


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