Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Sweet Life

So after last week's glimpse at the terrible...I mean terrific...twos, my sweet little girl has returned! Last week it was as if a switched flipped in the middle of the night and we no longer had our sweet little girl, but a super moody mutant from another planet (just kidding)! We dealt with constant tantrums, hitting (not sure where that came from), refusing to nap or go to bed at night, not eating (so UNLIKE her), and a multitude of crazy behaviors.

Then Monday morning, as though the switch flipped back, my sweet girly returned! Maybe she sensed I wasn't feeling well and decided to give me a break. Or maybe she got tired of her "mean mommy". No matter the reason, she is back to napping, going to bed on time, eating all her food, no tantrums (well much fewer), and she is so content to play with her toys again. It is so nice to have Julianna back to normal!


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