Sunday, January 31, 2010

Scary Stuff

The other night I went to bed and fell asleep (which is amazing...because it usually takes me forever to fall asleep), then around 11:30pm I got a text message from a friend. Another friend of mine, who is pregnant (and due just a few days before me), was on her way to L&D for some scary stuff. I sent her a text message telling her I was thinking about her and her babies (twins), and then I tried to fall back asleep.

But I couldn't. I was scared for her and those babies. I knew what it would be like to have a baby born this early, 29 weeks is just waaaayyyy too early. I prayed her girls weren't making their entrance into the world and that they weren't going to spend the next possible 6-8 weeks in the NICU. I knew how scary a trip to the hospital was when you got there and things didn't go well. When I was sleeping, I was dreaming about preemies and NICU's and trips to the hospital.

I waited and waited the next day hoping to hear from her or my other friend saying things were ok. Finally I heard that although things didn't go great, they were under control. She was home (now on bed rest) and the babies were still where they need to be. I was so relieved and very excited when I finally heard from my friend herself.

What is so amazing to me, is that although I think of her as my friend, we have never actually met in person. She's part of my mom's group, but unfortunately has never been able to attend and event. What has brought us together is not only our very close due dates, but we are both experiencing very tough pregnancies. We have each had our share of obstacles (some similar some very different). And although we've never met, I definitely think of her as a good friend.

Please keep my friend Melissa and her girls in your prayers!

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  1. AW. Just saw this!! Thanks a ton!!!! Babys willing I hope to see you at the shower this sat night...FINALLY LOL :) I have alot more to say just no time to say it right now!!! BUT I did see this post and REALLY APPRECIATE it!!!!!!


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