Monday, January 11, 2010


Saturday afternoon I noticed Baby K being very "pushy" with my body parts, but didn't think anything of it. As the afternoon turned to evening I noticed it wasn't just him pushing, but my whole belly getting really hard. I immediately started trying to decide if they were contractions or not. I had BH contractions really early with Julianna (15 weeks) and with Baby K (13 weeks), and these were much stronger than the BH I had had. I put my feet up and drank a crap load of water, but they were still there, about 1 an hour. I wasn't too concerned since they weren't very frequent and I wasn't positive they were contractions.

(**Why wasn't I positive? Well, for those of you that may be new readers, I had a lot of contractions when I went into pre-term labor with Julianna, but HAD NO IDEA! So I really don't know what actual contractions feel like.)

I convinced myself they were not actual contractions. Then yesterday, they started again in the afternoon. Lying down didn't help. Drinking water didn't help. And when I was up they would get more frequent and stronger. For a few hours in the evening I was having them about every 30 minutes, regardless of what I was doing. I decided to wait it out until morning (since they still weren't very frequent and I could "talk through" them). Twice during the night I woke up to pretty strong ones and decided that, yes, they were contractions.

I called my OB's office this morning (but he's not there-I think he's out of the country, at least that's what I've heard) and told them what was going on. Well, of course they want me to come in. So I am sitting here waiting for my sister to get here to watch Julianna and at 1pm I will go see the new OB in the office. I have never seen him and am a little concerned he won't take my concerns seriously, but I am trying to be open-minded.

I am spending my morning planning for the worst (well the best version of the worst). I have a bag packed in case I get sent to the hospital. I have family lined up to take Julianna for a few days if I end up on bed rest again. Joe has already talked to his battalion in case he needs to leave work. I think I have all my bases covered. It seems that for all of my OB appointments I was prepared with bags packed in case I would get bad news, I never got any. The one time I did not prepared was when I found out I needed a cerclage. Now I know it's superstitious, but I would rather be ready just in case and then have things go really well.

26 weeks 4 days is just way to early...STAY PUT BABY K!!!!


  1. Oh my Lindsay! I hope everything is okay & baby boy keeps baking! You can always call me if you need anything.

    Contractions are tricky to figure out, hopefully these are nothing & labor is far, far, away!


  2. oh no!!! STAY BABY STAY!! Let us know whats going on We are praying for you and baby K!!


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