Thursday, January 14, 2010

Forced Laziness

Had another OB appointment today (yes, it is the second in just 4 days, and I have another on Tuesday). I did my 1hr glucose test, which I hate to say it, but the orange drink wasn't really that bad. Everyone told me how awful it was and I really didn't mind it. Anyway, I also got another sterile exam...OUCH! Which, besides not being fun, produced doctors orders for...dum dum dum...modified bed rest, or as Dr. C called it, "forced laziness".

I am not on strict bed rest, I can still get up to shower, get something to drink/eat, and do small chores (all of which family has already vetoed). But he specifically said he wants someone to watch Julianna during the day for me. He isn't too concerned about the nights, since we both should be sleeping at that time, but doesn't want me up and about all day with a toddler.

The bed rest is due to 2 reasons. First, is obviously because of my contractions (which are very strong now and quite painful at times), which have been brought on by my infection. But he thinks that my super active unnamed offspring (aka Baby K) is causing even more irritation to my womb, therefore causing the contractions to be stronger and more frequent. The second reason is because during my exam he noticed my cervix is very soft (probably as a result from all the contractions). Thankfully the cerclage is still holding and doesn't appear to be under any strain. So that is a good sign!

Dr C. is hoping that with a few days of bed rest (until next Tuesday) we can get the contractions under control and get some improvement in my cervix. If that happens it will be a short "forced laziness". I am hoping for that!

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  1. I went with a fruity mix last time I took mine. I didn't think the drink was bad, but drinking it on an empty stomach made me feel sick. I'm assuming you didn't make it to your glucose test with Julianna, I didn't realize you hadn't done it before.

    I'm sure this week has been stressfull for you, I'm sorry your back on bedrest but hopefully that will keep him in there!

    Let me know if you want me to come over for a day to help out! I'd be more than willing & Anna would keep Julianna busy.



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