Friday, January 29, 2010

2 Year Check-Up

Julianna had her 2 year well child check-up today. I started her morning by telling her this was going to be an easy visit. No shots today! I was so wrong. She did fabulous for her check-up. She sat nice and still while Dr M. listened to her heart and looked at her eyes and ears. And then she asked Julianna if she could look in her mouth and Julianna stuck out her tongue and said "AAAAHHHH" What a good girl! There was no screaming and clinging to mommy or daddy. This was by far her best visit to the pediatrician...EVER!

Then, we found out she needed her second dose of her Hep A vaccine. Not too bad, just one shot. She did scream and cling to daddy for that, but only for about 10 seconds. Even better yet, was when we were given directions to go downstairs to the lab and get her blood drawn for lead screening (it was her first because she wasn't really mobile at her 1 year check-up) and to check for anemia (Julianna suffered from anemia of prematurity when she was a teeny tiny baby and Dr M. just wanted to make sure it wasn't coming back).

Wow! Was I surprised at her awesome behavior during the blood draw! She sat on daddy's lap and the nurse pricked her finger and squeezed 2 tiny vials of blood out of it, and Julianna didn't even flinch! Not a movement, not a whimper, nothing, nada. She actually kept talking to us during the whole thing! As a reward for her stellar behavior we stopped and got her some french fries on the way home...she was very excited!

Very proud of how grown-up she acted today!

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