Tuesday, April 28, 2009

E-mails From My Dad

E-mails from my dad are always fun to read. He has such a fun sense of humor. He usually starts them something like this...

"Dear daughter" or "To my eldest daughter" or my favorite "Daughter, this is your father e-mailing you."

And usually close like this...

"Love, your Father" or "From your parent with the good genes"

Because of his e-mail etiquette. my e-mails to him usually start and end rather similarly only in reverse(and I tend to add 'favorite' or some other adjective to make me seem more important). Our e-mails are usually just normal conversations, to let me know he wants to buy raffle tickets, or to send pictures of Julianna. My last one was to ask him for some supplies to work on our house. His response to my e-mail was as follows...

"Hello Daughter, I have your plastic you need, Uncle Ed got it for you. And next time you send me an E-Mail, please spell father with a capital F. Thank you and have a nice day my eldest Daughter."

I love getting e-mails from him, and from now on I'll make sure I spell father with a capital F!

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