Friday, April 24, 2009

This Week is Over *Sigh*

We have had a crazy busy week! It was one of those weeks where you look at your calendar and just take a deep breath in preparation.

Monday...well Monday was actually pretty low key. Joe worked on the house, Julianna and I took him lunch, went grocery shopping, & basically we just did things that needed to be done.

Tuesday, Julianna saw a new neurologist, we'll call him Dr. A (simply becasue his last name starts with an A...I'm not in a real creative state of mind right now). Julianna had been seeing the neurologist who was called in to consult on her MRI in the NICU...we just didn't mesh with him (actually we didn't really like him, his bedside manor, or the fact that we were never actually told anything about Julianna...we would get a letter like a month later with his opinions of the visit...oh and did I mention we would call and leave like 90 messages at his office and never once did they call back, we would just call until someone finally answered...but I digress). We loaved Dr. A. He was so friendly, he played with Julianna and told us what he was doing when he did it and what he thought right then...imagine that! On top of all that, he actually made us copies (himself) of some of her records and explained the MRI from the NICU (no one had EVER done that). He said he was "amazed" at her progress and she is "remarkable"...words that made us soooooo happy. Anyways, we see him again in September.

Wednesday, was Julianna's 15 month check-up. There were good things and there were bad things. Lets get the bad, or really just slightly not good, things out of the way first. Julianna has only gained 12 oz in the last 3 months...our ped, Dr. M (again not creative) said it isn't a major concern yet, but she wants to keep an eye on her weight gain. She also said we need to get her off her bottle...I don't know about how you other moms did it, but I really don't feel like angering my baby right before we transplant her into a new house and room...maybe I'll just wait until after we move. Good news, Julianna is doing very well developmentally, she is right on track for her adjusted age...yay! We will see Dr. M again in 3 months for her 18 month! She's getting to be an old maid!

Thursday was insane! We were supposed to start the day at 8:30am for Julianna's IFSP (individual family service plan) review with our Help Me Grow service coordinator Erin. This, to my joy and excitement, got cancelled...but 8:30am. Then I took Julianna to my sister's (also an Erin) house. She watched Julianna so I could go to work. Then after work I went to watch Erin's kiddos so she could go get her scooter temps (she passed...yay for Erin!) and go to kick-boxing. Then we came home, and basically went to bed.

Today, I got to go to work again, Joe watched Julianna, went to the grocery store (I know that is twice in one week...I did a piss poor job on Monday), got new plates for our truck, and a few other misc. errands. When I got home from work, Joe headed off to our house to start putting up drywall in our bathroom. Once Julianna wakes up from her nap, she gets to go hang out at Springwood with her Aunt Steph, Uncle Daryl, and cousin Jeremy in this incredible weather. I, sadly, get to go help drywall.

Thus ends a crazy week. Thank goodness tomorrow is Saturday, and going to be 80 degrees!!!! Julianna and I are going out...where, I don't know...but we're going out!!!

(Keep your eyes peeled for a post coming soon all about Julianna's birth, and why she thinks you should sponsor us for March for Babies...only 2 weeks until MFB!)

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