Friday, April 17, 2009


We have been working for 1 week exactly to make our new house livable. Unfortunately, it had been a foreclosure and no one lived there for about a year and even then most of the house was original (1959) needless to say, it was in dire need of cleaning and updating. Since Julianna is still at risk for lung issues, we decided it would be better to have everything done before we move in. Our goal was to be in the first week of May(well, it was mostly my goal, Joe is much more realistic). Here is just a sampling of the work we have done so far to let you see the "progress" we have made, do you think we'll meet our(my) goal?

Master Bedroom


(Can you see the turquoise tile and flowered wallpaper?)
(actually this picture is a few days old, now it has new plumbing and floor)
Living Room
(that's paneling above the fireplace & yes, blue carpet)
(You have to admit, even without drywall this is an improvement already, check out the hardwood floors!)
This doesn't even include the kitchen cabinets we ripped out (the remaining ones have all been painted a nice clean white), the door we cut (from the living room to the dining room), and the numerous random cabinets we have taken out from around the house. So, I ask you is this actually progress?

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