Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Amazing Power of the Internet

I just had to write about how in awe of the internet I am right now! Yesterday, I posted about little Madeline, and her very sudden passing, after what her mom thought was just a cold. For anyone that tried to use the link to her mom's blog and it didn't work(the server couldn't handle the number of visitors it was getting), today it is up at a new address. Check out some pictures, she's so cute! Today, I googled her name, and WOW! There are so many things about her online now(over 6,000!) including stories on the Today Show's site. For a little girl that so many people didn't know, she has touched a lot of lives in the last few days (mine being one of them).

Not only have people, including myself, written about her on their blogs to show their support for the family, but her parents asked that instead of flowers or other things people make a donation to March of Dimes in her name. Since yesterday morning, "
Marchers for Maddie"'s total donations went from a few hundred dollars to over $18,000!!! Since I am relatively new to the whole blogging world, I had no idea that they reached out to so many people. I am sending good thoughts and prayers to Maddie's family, and hope you will too.

**Update 4/16/09 March for Maddie's Team total is over $30,000 now!!!
***Update 4/25/09 Today was the March for Babies in LA, March for Maddie rasied over $50,000!

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