Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Never Say Never

I remember the day Joe told me he had a MySpace page, I laughed at him and called him a nerd. I said “I’ll never do it”. After almost 2 years, I caved and almost instantly became addicted. Then a friend of mine started a blog. I thought blogs were silly. “I’ll never do it.” Who really cares about people’s everyday life and random thoughts? Umm, apparently I do. I have recently become hooked on reading and keeping up on friends/family members’ blogs. I actually joked to one acquaintance that I was her blog stalker. It really is amazing how I know what days people post new entries and look forward to seeing what they wrote, no matter how mundane or exciting. As you can see (or read) I now have a blog. I apparently am a push-over. Every time I say I won’t do something, I manage to get talked into it, and inevitably enjoy myself in the process. I hope everyone enjoys my blog and I am excited to share “Our Ordinary Stories” with you all!

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  1. Hey, I totally agree. The blogs and facebook are addicting and fun. it's a great way to share things without emailing everyone!


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