Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Let the Demo Begin!

Well, it finally happened...we closed on our house! Last Thursday, after many weeks/months of anticipation we finally closed. Joe and I are now the proud owners of a house (again). How does it compare to our last house you might wonder...umm, well it just doesn't. We, unfortunately, need to do some major work before we can move in. For example, it was foreclosure and the wonderful people who used to live there took the toilet with them when they moved. Who does that?!?! We plan on spending most of this weekend pretty much demolishing most of the previous owners "work" and starting our own. I have already stripped most of the hideous wallpaper in our bedroom. The bathroom is going to get gutted and new plumbing, drywall & fixtures will be put in. The kitchen also is in some desperate need of work(the cabinets are original 1959 and have been painted two lovely shades of pukey orange-brown), but we are going to put that off for a while (it's at least livable). If anyone want to help, feel free to call us, we have plenty of hammers available!

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