Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ignorant People Make Me Angry

This post is going to be one kind of written out of anger, so I will apologize ahead of time if I offend anyone.

There is a levy on the May 5th ballot for Stark's MRDD. This levy will keep 2 important schools open, one of which is Eastgate Early Childhood and Family Center. This levy will cost someone with a $100,000 home approximately $44 a year...a year! That's only 83 cents a week! I am personally in support if this levy, simply because Julianna may be eligible for services at Eastgate. Services that could be SOOO beneficial to her. Without the levy passing, Eastgate will close. Without Eastgate, Julianna and many other children(some babies that were in the NICU with her already attend Eastgate) will not have many of these crucial services available to them.

And now for my angry part...

I just read an article from the Repository about this levy. The article itself didn't anger me(well maybe a little, it was kind of one sided), but so many of the comments left there did! I completely understand if you have legitimate reasons to oppose the levy, but people are against it for the silliest reasons! And they are using those reasons to try and get others to vote no. For example one gentleman (I would have liked to call him worse) said why should he pay taxes for a school his "gifted" child doesn't attend...why should he have to take on the burden for someone else's kid...ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?! We pay property taxes(now that we own a house) for a school district that Julianna very obviously doesn't attend right now...and when she does go to school, we are considering Catholic school (if I teach there we get a mad discount!) so we would still be paying taxes for schools she doesn't attend. I am not complaining. This argument is ridiculous!

Another "lovely person" wrote that why should they give up their own luxuries to pay for the levy., why should they have to give up cable or a cell phone. I want to know what cable and cell phone company they are using, I want that! But seriously, what luxury only costs $4 a month? That's all this levy would cost. Maybe you have to give up 1 pack of cigarettes a month, or 1 cup of coffee a week, or 1 McDonald's meal a sad. They continued to say that maybe the parents of the children needing these services should be the ones to give up luxuries instead. SERIOUSLY?!?! We know first hand what medical expenses can cost. I am sure that many families with special needs children would agree that financial sacrafices are being made already.

A few other choice comments (too ignorant to even argue against): "Unless there is a very obvious disability why should most of these kids get help?"..."There are too many (kids)labeled 'special needs' too early from social dysfunctions created at home by poor parenting."..."Be responsible. Do not procreate and expect someone else to take care of and pay for what YOU have created and do not want to, or know how to deal with." Some people are so ignorant I want to throw smelly fish at them! (somehow, smelly fish seems appropriate)

There were also legitimate arguments against the levy, but not many...mostly ignorant ridiculous statements. And then there were the wonderful stories from people personally tied to the schools to support the levy.

If you live in Stark Co. please consider voting YES for Issue 1. If you are unsure visit the website for more information. If you decide to vote against it, that's fine but please, please, please have a good reason.
*Update 5/7/09: Issue 1 passed by a huge margin! Thank you to everyone who voted!

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  1. Really, I don't think people realize that these kids that need specific and special assistance will get thrown into public school if this levy doesn't pass. Public school is not the right place for these kids because the staff is not equipped to handle many of their special needs. I think if they would hear how that would effect their own "gifted" kids, they might change their minds. People are dumb.


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