Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Potpourri Post

This post is going to be a mish-mash of all kinds of things.

First, I went to see my friend Melissa today. She had her twin girls last night! Ava & Alyvia made their appearance shortly after 7pm yesterday. Both girls are doing wonderfully and despite only being 36 weeks (still preemies) and very small (both were under 5lbs) they did not need a NICU stay and are rooming with mom. I was so happy that after such a long and rough pregnancy she got a wonderful delivery and healthy babies! 3 out of the 8 babies (from our February mommies shower) have arrived!

I got my LAST 17P injection today!!!!!!!!

We did some baby prepping today. New car seat has been purchased (we decided to get a new one so it could snap into the double jogger we're getting) and Julianna's travel system was posted for sale. Bottles and pacifiers have all been sterilized and put away. Joe got our bags out so I can pack them. It's amazing how much stuff needs packed for a toddler to stay at her grandparents for 4 days! Her bag is waaayyy bigger than mine or baby boy's! It's amazing all the things I keep adding to my bag, considering I had nothing when Julianna was born!

We have all been loving the warm weather! Julianna wakes up and immediately asks to go outside and cries whenever we come back in the house. I am so glad she is going to be a girl who loves being outdoors! Now as long as baby boy likes being outside we'll have a great summer!

I haven't made my March for Babies post yet, but hopefully you've noticed the badge on the left side of my blog. This will be our 3rd year walking in honor of Julianna. And since baby boy is scheduled to be here next week, I will be able to actually walk by May. A big thank you goes out to Jennifer R. who was my FIRST donation of 2010! Please consider making a donation to Team K!

And finally, Happy St. Patrick's Day! Julianna didn't have a green shirt, so she wore a white one with a green bow. Being that she LOVES wearing her Mardi-Gras beads I figured she could wear some green ones today. Apparently she's over her "necklaces" and refused to wear any. Sigh...toddlers.

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  1. I'll be thinking of you on Monday! I haven't been on Facebook during Lent, but have been following your blog. Many prayers going out to you for next week! ~Angie (Bedford) Montgomery


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