Thursday, March 25, 2010

Not the Post I Had Planned

Since last week when I found out I was scheduled for my c-section this past Monday I was planning today's post. If baby boy had been delivered on Monday, he (and I) would have come home today. That would have meant the absolute world to me! Why would today have been so amazing? 2 years ago today, Julianna was discharged from the NICU and came home. How incredible would it have been to have him come home the same day, March 25th?!?!

I was planning to post a picture very similar to the one of Julianna below. Both babies in their carseats on the way home from the hospital, my final comparison. But instead, so much has happened and now I don't even know when Baby K will be born. Now, please don't misunderstand, I am extremely happy and grateful that all my efforts to keep this kiddo baking have paid off enough that we can wait on his delivery a little longer. I am thankful that he can get this extra time he needs, just disappointed that he not only hasn't arrived, but when he does, he will not be coming home from the hospital with me. In fact he won't even be in the same hospital as me.

I am trying very hard to get past my own emotions of disappointment and frustration and shock and everything else, and focus on baby boy and making sure he gets everything he needs. I want to make sure he has the best chance possible considering the new circumstances.

So, instead of my dual carseat photos, here's my kiddos 37 week comparison.

Baby K @ 37 weeks

Julianna @ 37 weeks


  1. :( I feel for you...will be praying for you guys, hang in there (sigh). Another long road ahead it seems, I know.

    I hope and will be praying that after he's born, the diagnosis will be much better than they thought and his problems aren't nearly as negative.

  2. Just reading this makes me cry. I can't imagine all the emotions you're trying to deal with right now.I'll keep praying Lindsay.
    Nicole Tepsic

  3. Praying for you all. Please call if you need anything. ~Angie Montogmery


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