Friday, March 19, 2010

36 weeks

Well, I started this post last night, but Julianna had plans that didn't involve me finishing it then.

She went to bed so easily, and after about 20 minutes was crying hysterically. I opened her door to check on her to find her completely covered in vomit. And it wasn't just her, her bed was totally soaked. Ugh. Needless to say went through 7 pairs of pajamas last night, I had to change twice, and I had completed 3 loads of yucky laundry by midnight. Thank goodness Joe was able to leave work and come home to help out. Now I am paranoid that I will either get sick and not be able to have my amnio and c-section on Monday, or even worse...I'll get sick right after my c-section. After a pretty sleepless night for everyone, she seems much better. She just finished some toast, so we'll see if that can stay down.

Well, here's the original part of my post...

Baby K is 36 weeks! And this will hopefully be his last week in my belly! I will actually miss this third trimester. The last 3 or 4 weeks have actually been the best of my pregnancy (minus all the contractions). They've been the best simply because my stress level has dramatically decreased! I'm no longer worrying about whether or not baby boy would be born to soon...I knew at this point he would be ok.

I am getting sooo excited for Monday! So here is what may be the last pregnancy comparison of my kiddos!

Baby K @ 36 weeks

Julianna @ 36 weeks

A mom whose baby was in the NICU for St. Patrick's Day brought hats for all the babies. It was so much fun to dress Julianna up! This onesie was a 0-3 month onesie and was sooooo big on her, but she had to wear it anyway! I am curious to see how much baby boy weighs, because on March 18, Julianna weighed 5lbs 9oz, and I know he was estimated at over 6lbs as of 2 weeks ago. It's amazing just what a difference staying put can make with a baby's growth!

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