Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another Goal Met!

Baby K has now had 6 weeks and 1 day longer to bake than Julianna! I have reached my next pregnancy goal...34 weeks! At this point, all my pregnancy goals are weekly ones. Each week I can keep baby boy inside is that much better! It is amazing to me that by next week (35 weeks), Baby K has a very high chance of coming home from the hospital with me! No NICU stay...ZERO...ZIP...ZILCH! WOW!!!!! Baby boy has dropped this week. It's nice because I have more room to breathe, but boy oh boy he's pushing awfully hard on things that are uncomfortable now.

Baby K: 34 weeks
Julianna: 34 weeks 3 days

She was really starting to look like a newborn! Julianna was upgraded from a preemie pacifier to a regular newborn pacifier during her 34th week. Check out how huge it looks since she was still so small!

YAY for 34 weeks!!!!!!!

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  1. You look great Lindsay! Keep up the good work!


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