Sunday, December 20, 2009


I was feeling much better yesterday, so Joe let me go to the PTFD kid's Christmas party..."AS LONG AS" I sat down the whole time and upon getting home, immediately lie down. I did as he said, because I really wanted to A) get out of the house, and B) see Julianna see Santa.

They had some different stations set up so the kids could decorate sugar cookies, watch Rudolph, write letters to Santa or just color on the tables. Julianna chose coloring on the tables (not that we let her choose. Hello? 2 yr old and colored icing and sprinkles? That would be nuts!).

As soon as Santa arrived the kids went nutso! But then immediately all sat in a circle on the floor waiting for him to call their name so they could sit on his lap and get a gift. Julianna sat on daddy's lap waiting.

She was not a huge fan of Santa, but at least did NOT cry. She was much more interested in the present daddy was holding than the guy in the big red suit.

She very quickly unwrapped her gift...2 new wooden puzzles...ooohhh...aaahhh. Daddy only had to help with the ribbon. *So Santa, please don't use ribbons on Julianna's presents for Christmas morning. Thank you, her Mommy*

And then proceeded to play with them for all of 5 minutes before deciding it was way more fun to run up and down the small ramp in the front of the room.

She had a lot of fun and SO DID I! It was so nice to get out of the house even if it was just for an hour or so. I got to have adult conversations! And see some friends we haven't seen for several weeks (or months actually...really sad considering they live less than 5 minutes from us).

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  1. We LOVE Melissa and Doug puzzles!! Once she gets older they have circular puzzles that are so easy and soo much fun to put together! Melissa and Doug puzzles are the only kind I buy :)


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