Monday, December 14, 2009

Feeling Like a Crappy Mommy

Julianna started getting pretty cranky tonight after dinner, cranky would be an understatement, sobbing horribly would better describe her. I ended up sitting on the living room floor with her while Joe did the dishes (since I'm not allowed to pick her up and all she wanted was for me to pick her up). I noticed she felt really warm. So, out came the thermometer and a temperature was taken. 102.4

Crap. We have managed to keep her germ free for a little over a year (minus a minor cold earlier this fall), but with a temp that high, we knew she must actually be sick. So she got a quick bath (by daddy) and put in some comfy fleece pj's (thanks daddy). Then daddy sat down to cuddle with her and I said NO!

I feel so badly that I can't pick her up and play with her like I did even a week ago. I've noticed she already has quit asking me for things, and asks daddy instead (sad). So I was very clear that I wanted to comfort my sick baby girl. After some arguing with Joe (he said no because he didn't want me to get sick and I countered with the fact that I have been around her for the last 2 days and I've already been exposed) he finally let her sit with me while he finished tidying up the house.

My mom is coming over tomorrow to take care of Julianna since Joe has to work and I am not allowed. I feel like such a crappy mommy. I felt crappy before she got sick, but now I have a sick baby girl and I can't do anything for her. I feel like a really crappy mommy. I just need to keep telling myself, that as crappy a mommy as I feel to Julianna right now, I am being a really good mommy to Baby K by staying horizontal. I just wish I could feel like a good mommy to both my kiddos right now.


  1. O sweetie! There is a well known fact from mom's of 2 or more. There are many times your going to feel that way. You are not a crappy mommy at all. Just wait till both baby K and Julianna are crying at the same time and you have to make the choice who you console first. That was my first feel like crap moment. Not making light at all sweetie just don't feel bad okay. This is just for a short time and it will be over soon. Keep your chin up girlfriend your a wonderful mom!!!!

    I hope Julianna is feeling better fast. Sick kids are no fun. :(

  2. Thanks Abbie! I am glad I'm not the only mom that feels that way sometimes. I just didn't expect it to happen BEFORE this kiddo was born!


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