Saturday, December 12, 2009

Making My Blog Better

Today was my first day of bed rest with absolutely no one else in the house (but day 4 of bed rest). Julianna spent last night and today at my sister's and is spending tonight at my parents, and Joe is on shift until tomorrow morning. So, I decided I would make a goal for me today (I am a very "need to do things" kind of person, so bed rest in general is a completely foreign idea to me). I would spend my horizontal time making my blog better. I have wanted to change my blog and make it more appealing and fun, so today I did just that (well I started the process).

First thing I wanted to to do was make a button for my blog. I have been so jealous of other blogs that have cute buttons you can add to your blog. I started searching for easy directions on how to make my own button. I was so excited when I found A Heart for Home. There was a super easy tutorial on how to create your own button and then add it to your blog. After only 15 minutes I had created my own button! (This is where you stop reading and add my button to your blog...*not-so-subtle hint*)

My next task was to change the format of my blog. I have wanted 3 columns, but had no idea how to change the HTML to make them. I came across Three Column Blogger which is a blog specifically written to tell you how to make 3 columns in blogger. Wow! I used this tutorial to make 3 columns, and even though I know NOTHING about HTML, I was able to add another column to my blog in just 10 minutes! I am still working on getting the margins fixed (sadly, I think my left column and the main text are kind of squished and I can't seem to get it fixed!).

I then visited Shabby Blogs to get my new background and the fun little tags (the titles for things in my sidebars) to match. I am far from being done with changing my blog, but I was very happy with my progress today. I would say I met my goal...well got a good start at least...and I still have 10 days of bed rest left to keep working on it (fingers crossed I don't have to stay on bed rest!).


  1. It looks great!! Love the tags though I will miss santa! :p Now you have made me want to create a button. I have never done the three colums because its hard to get the middle to not be squished like you said. I can't wait to see what other cool things you do with your blog. I stop by pretty much every day.. Sad I know! ;)

  2. Abbie, Not sad at all!!! I am so excited to just know people actually read it!!! I read yours everytime you update it, so that's pretty close to everyday!

  3. I just have to let you know its all your fault I just spent the last hour arguing with HTML code to create a button for my site. LOL. :p

  4. I love your blog!! Thanks for visiting ans commenting on mine! I will definatly steal your button and be a follower. Good luck with baby K


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