Friday, December 4, 2009

The Dreaded Eye Appointment

Julianna had her eye appointment this morning(by the way, eyes are the only bod part she will regularly point out-I think she just really likes saying it). She gets them checked regularly since preemies are so susceptible to eye problems. She was not a fan of the eye drops to dilate her pupils or when myself and an aid had to hold her down so Dr. B could check her eyes. She did like the little barking dog they had for her to look at. She has no developmental issues and her prescription looked good. YAY!!! She doesn't need to be rechecked for 2-3 years, as Dr. B put it...before she starts kindergarten.

HOLY CRAP! She'll start kindergarten in just over 3 years! The past 2 years have absolutely flown by! I can't believe we only have a month until she's 2. I think she has really grown up in just the last few weeks. She has become much more independent and her speech is really getting better. Potty training is still going slow (thanks to mom's lack of effort-she's ready to go), and she no longer uses her crib for naps (we took it out of her room and that was that). We're so proud of her!


  1. Good Job Julianna! Charlie saw Dr. B in October and said to be rechecked in a year. This last time was much easier than before and I was so thankful that they didn't have to use the eye retractors. That was the worst look when they were so little. Lily on the other hand, did not do so well with the eye drops!


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