Monday, December 21, 2009

Almost Done!

I have posted about making Christmas gifts every year, and promised to post my felt food once it was done. Well, I am almost done, so I thought I would take a break from my bed rest sewing marathon today to post some pictures of the final product.

I started out simple with some sugar cookies. No pattern needed for these goodies. Sew the cookie, stuff and finish sewing. Woohoo, super quick treats!

Next I tried a cupcake. I searched and searched the internet for directions on a cupcake, but alas, since I didn't have ink for my printer to print out the templates, I had to create my own. Luckily it wasn't too hard. Another super easy treat.

I was finally ready for something more tricky. I found a really easy tutorial by Megnificent Made for cake slices here, and just put my own spin on it (I used a sewing machine for a lot of my seams instead of hand stitching-much faster!) I also did some different decorations and such. This is Julianna's finished cake!

I just used a ribbon, velcro and a matching flower button to hold the pieces all together. I altered the directions from Happy Zombie to make the "whipped cream" for the top of the cake.

Julianna will be able to "slice" her cake and serve it to friends (aka Mommy and Daddy). I am so excited to finish the last of her desserts tonight and have her start playing with them on Christmas!


  1. I love this stuff! Lizzie would too. J is going to be in heaven. :)

  2. Congrats! I love your little sugar cookies, I'll have to add a few to the tea set I'm working on.

    Your cake looks wonderful. I really love the whip cream puffs on top and the ric-rac (spelling?) for the filling is a great idea! Thank you for sharing with me!


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