Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Not-So-Happy Post About My Cervix

I had an OB appointment this morning...and it did not go as well as I would have liked.

My appointments for the last 2 months have been pretty much the same. Ultrasound to check out Baby K & the tech tells me what a cute baby I have gestating...ultrasound to check out my cervix & the tech tells me things look good and what my measurement was...then see Dr. O and he says things are good and he'll see me in 2 weeks. Today did not follow the pattern.

Today: ultrasound to check out Baby K & the tech told me I had a cute baby gestating and that he had fat feet (he really does we even got a pic of them!). Then, ultrasound to check my cervix & the tech said nothing. I could see the screen and saw that my measurement was under 2 cm. Then I saw the funneling (basically dilating from the inside out) and I knew it wasn't good. As we waited to see Dr. O, I told Joe things were not good and to expect at least bed rest.

Dr O. came into the room and didn't speak...not good...he made some funny faces too. Then he told us he wasn't happy with my cervical measurements...no kidding...I wasn't either. He said we could do nothing and my cervix could hold up with just bed rest or things could go downhill fast. There is no way of knowing. So he decided to take action.

Tomorrow morning I am getting cerclage. Sigh. I've known since before I was pregnant a cerclage was a possibility and I was OK with it (I'm not going to explain it...you can look it up if you really want to know). Now that it's happening tomorrow I'm not so sure I'm still OK with it. There are some risks, but it has a great success rate, so I am trying to be positive.

Please keep me and Baby K in your thoughts tomorrow morning! This kid really needs to stay put for at least 13 more weeks (I'd be happier with 15!).


  1. you and baby k will definitely be in our prayers... tell him to stay put!!! its better to be fashionably late into the world than to make an early entrance :)

  2. It will go fine. :) Its scary but I know a lady who had her daughter early and had the stich for her son and she went to 38 weeks or so. I'll be praying everything goes well tomorrow.

  3. Sorry to hear that, but you know that cerclage will be for the best!

  4. Thinking of ya!! I alos know of one person who had a cerclage and they made it past 38 weeks!!!!!

  5. Nicole-just a mama who feels for youDecember 10, 2009 at 11:21 AM

    I just thought I'd add I'm a 2x cerclage survivor! I found when I was pregnant that it was so nice to hear success stories to get me through. I just had my 3rd baby in August and because of the history of the 2nd pregnancy (I had an emergency cerclage put in at 23 weeks, further messiness ensued but she was born at healthy at 35 weeks!) I had a preventative one at 13 weeks. We took it out at 36 weeks and I didn't deliver her until almost 42 weeks! SO point is...sometimes these little guys they like to keep us on our toes and switch it up. Hope all goes well for you.


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