Friday, December 18, 2009

Every Year

Every year I decide to make many of our Christmas gifts. Our nieces and nephews always get something I make, and this year Julianna is getting a mostly homemade Christmas. I have managed to finish all the gifts that will be leaving the house, but poor Julianna's gifts are severely lacking. I wanted to make her some felt desserts....I have one cookie done. I wanted to make her a cute tablecloth and placemats for the table and chairs Joe is making her(which still need painted)...not even started.

Christmas is exactly one week from today, and I am sooooo unmotivated to finish her gifts. This happens every year. I make a huge list of gifts I am going to make and I start early. I get a whole lot done very quickly...and then completely fizzle out. Then the last week before Christmas (ok maybe the last few days before Christmas) I have to totally cram to get it all done.

I assumed this year since I was on bed rest, I would have lots of time to get things finished...but nope...I am going to cram to get the gifts done...just like every year.

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  1. No fear...procrastination is a motivator!!! I am attempting photobooks for the family with a shipping deadline of today at 4pm....don't think it is going to happen since I started last night! Good Luck


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