Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bed Rest Be Gone...At Least for Now

I am sooooo thankful that today's OB appointment went well!

I had yet another ultrasound (and found out I will continue to have them at every appointment since I have the cerclage). Joe's mom took me to the appointment today since I still wasn't allowed to drive, and she got to see the ultrasound. I was glad she got to see the little guy (the tech even printed an extra picture for her to have). He looks really good. He did a complete flip during the ultrasound. He is measuring one week ahead and his estimated weight is a whopping 1lb 9oz!

The ultrasound revealed my cervix is now 2.6 cm. That means the cerclage has helped lengthen my cervix about 0.7cm. That is really good. Had my cervix measured less than 2.5cm today, then I would have had to remain on bed rest, but luckily I just squeaked by! SO, NO MORE BED REST!!!!! I still have some funneling, but Dr. O said he isn't too concerned because it hasn't gotten worse.

I still have some restrictions. I still can't pick up Julianna or anything over 15lbs. I am supposed to take it easy when I can. Keep an eye on any contractions or other symptoms of pre-term labor. Oh, and I am not allowed to run any marathons. Those are all things I can live with. I am just so excited to be allowed to drive and lead a semi-normal life again!

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  1. YEA!! I am sooo excited for you!!! Good Luck!


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