Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's A.........

BOY!!! Julianna is going to have a little brother come springtime!

So after a super anxious morning (made my self nauseous thinking about what could happen), we had a great OB appointment. It was our big ultrasound where they checked out the baby and made sure it was growing ok and stuff. All is good on the baby front! Developing normally and quite the mover! I have been feeling some rolling sensations and a kick or two, but holy cow he barely wanted to stay still!

On the cervix front, I have not thinned anymore since my last appointment, which was a HUGE relief. I am not out of the woods by any means. Weeks 16-24 (I am 17 today) are the most critical for people with IC (incompetent cervix) and since we still aren't sure what caused Julianna's early birth, I could still have issues and end up with a cerclage. I now go back every 2 weeks for a cervical check and ultrasound. We are continually praying that things go well! And want to say thanks to everyone who has been saying a prayer for us and BABY BOY K!!

Just like we did with Julianna's pregnancy, we have announced what sex the baby is, but we are not going to be sharing any of our name choices until he makes his arrival. Although Joe has dubbed him BJ (I am not going to share with the world his reasoning for the name BJ-you really don't want to know).

Please keep a fellow mommy in your prayers too. Melissa (a friend from my mom's group) is due a few days before me and is carrying twin girls (she knew Baby A was a girl but found out Baby B was a girl this morning too!) and is high-risk for complications. I haven't talked to her yet, but I know her appointment this morning didn't go as well as mine did. So please pray for the three of them!

Here's the pics from today's ultrasound!

I refer to the face picture as the creepy skeleton face (I said the same thing about Julianna)

This one is pretty self explanatory. The u/s tech (who is AWESOME) just drew an arrow because she said it was so obvious. I have to agree!

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