Thursday, November 19, 2009

Baby Boy Update and the Rantings of a Paranoid Pregnant Woman

Baby Boy update...
I had another OB appointment this past Tuesday. We got the routine ultrasound and Baby Boy K looked good, although he wasn't being very kind to the inside of my body...seems he thinks some of my organs and such are his personal kick boxing dummies. He is currently breech, but that isn't an issue since I'll have a c-section anyways.

And now the ranting...
I thinned only slightly, but still measured 2.8cm when you round up. But what concerns me is that my OB has decided to make my cervical checks every 3 weeks instead of every 2. As if waiting 2 weeks doesn't scare that crap out of me as it is...lets add another week of worry and stress. On top of that, he said that after 24 weeks he is going to put me back on a monthly appointment schedule. He said his concern of IC would pass at 24 weeks...I am not convinced.

So I will have another appointment at 22 weeks and then at 24 weeks...then I don't have another until 28 weeks. 28 WEEKS!!! You know the week after the week Julianna was born. Yeah, let's make the woman who is going to be the ABSOLUTE most paranoid between Christmas and January 20 not have any kind of peace of mind and be totally in the dark about possible dilation and pre-term labor.

I think I would be calmer about the whole thing if I had known I was in labor with Julianna...but I didn't! I had NO idea what-so-ever! I didn't know I was dilated! I didn't feel any contractions! I had NO inkling that I was in active labor! I wouldn't have even gone to the hospital except for a nagging feeling something was "off". What if I don't know this time either? I can't trust that nagging feeling...I get it every other day this pregnancy.

Now to stop talking about it...calm down...and try to relax...sigh...

Baby Boy is still good and that's what is really it was so eloquently put to me once I am just the "vessel".

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  1. glad lil man looked great!!! I wont lie though I am surprised he is only doing your cervix u/s to 24 weeks! My docs say we will measure to 28 weeks...he said that AFTER 28 weeks is when the concern about the thinning goes away? Wonder if thats just the opinion of two different doctors or bc of the twins?? I hope he changes his mind bc the stress of worry (which is natural) is not good for you and one additional appointment in there cant hurt for peace of mind!!!!

    I'll be keeping you and lil man in my thoughts the rest of the way!!

    Melissa :)
    (btw I posted an update on my blog for public viewing about my L&D visit!!


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