Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Not much to write about lately, life is pretty boring, and I LOVE it! As long as life stays boring that means there is nothing exciting (aka bad) happening.

Just your average everyday happenings. Julianna slept late again...yippee! Sewed some more of her felt food for Christmas as well as some for Ellie (maybe Emma too). Spent some time thinking about Thanksgiving and all the yummy desserts that come with it. I did some laundry today. Washed my dishes. Went to the grocery store and bought some more flavored decaf coffee. Picked up Julianna's toys only to have them all scattered again in a matter of minutes. Ate breakfast, lunch and dinner...as well as several snacks. Yep, boring.

I'm enjoying the boring.


  1. There are times I wish there was a like button on blogs! ;)

  2. Stop saying you are boring. Enjoy it now while you can! You're ticker for Baby K doesn't seem to be working...still says you are 19 weeks!

  3. Is that really how far you are? Why was I thinking you were a bit further than that?


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