Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Julianna's Special Doctor

Julianna saw her neurologist, Dr A, today.  It's been a year since she saw him last!  We spent last night & this morning talking up her "special doctor".  She got really excited when we told her Will had a special doctor too.  She likes anything that makes her and Will similar.  She did so well!  She stood on the scale and under the height measurement all by herself.  She even let them take her blood pressure with just a tiny wince at the beginning. 

Overall Dr A was pleased.  Her muscle tone is good, as are her reflexes, and her quick neuro exam was good.  He agreed that she needs braces on both her ankles and wrote us a prescription to get our own pair (we're still borrowing from her therapist...although she has much cuter ones now!  They have flowers all over them.). 

After watching her walk & run, he decided she needs a podiatry consult.  In addition to her ankles rolling in, he noticed her knees tend to be close together when walking or running and that her left foot turns out (this is what causes her adorable booty shaking run...seriously, if it wasn't bad for her, it really is adorable!).  She'll see Dr. B on the 29th for the consult.  Dr. A thinks she may need a different type of brace or other intervention to correct her foot.

Our next doctor appointment will be for Will on Tuesday.  He'll see Dr Awesome and have another echo...praying it shows improvement and the word "cath" isn't even mentioned!

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  1. She's a very lucky girl to have come so far at 27 weeks!


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